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VoIP Phone Services

Save money and easily scale your phone needs

VoIP Solutions That Grow With You

Some businesses think they don’t need Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone systems, they think they’re too small, or that VoIP is too expensive. Not so! VoIP solutions are accessible and inexpensive and not only save you money, but they easily scale with your business needs. All of the traditional call system features you expect are available in hosted VoIP systems, including call hold, call transfer, call hunt, conference calling, find me / follow me, and auto-attendant phone menus. You won’t give up any of your favorite features by choosing hosted VoIP.

With an emphasis on Asterisk and Kazoo VOIP systems, our VOIP specialists can roll you into a new system or integrate into your existing one.  Being a full-service VOIP provider Teknollejists, Inc. can become your complete phone solution for your business.  From remote home offices to large infrastructure deployments, we can accommodate any layout your business requires.

Benefits of using a Voice Over IP Phone Solution:

  • Reduced local and long-distance charges
  • One network to manage for both voice and data, instead of two
  • Reduced travel costs–thanks to online conferencing—easy-to-use video calls, and other collaboration tools
  • Easily make adds, moves, and changes to the small business phone system as needed
  • Employees have more ways to stay connected and customers can reach them more easily
  • Take all of your phone system’s features with you for use at home, at the office, or on the road
  • VoIP Is Easier to Install, Configure, and Maintain. …
  • VoIP Scales Up or Down Easily. …
  • Employees’ Numbers Follow Them Wherever They Go. …
  • A Range of Call Features Is Supported. …
  • Even Older Technology Like Fax Is Supported. …
  • Hosted VoIP Saves Businesses Money.