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You can call it whatever you want, but don’t call it a “comeback!” Yeah, we’re back with a fresh new website. More than anything we just want an online presence for our business.

While we’ve been at this for over twenty years, not too many people know about us, who are not already clients. With this new website, we’re hoping to fix that problem! So, what do you need to know about the Teknollejists? We’re glad you asked!

We offer brilliant managed Information Technology (IT) services to business and corporate organizations in Temecula and the surrounding area. Not only are we in Temecula, but we have clients in Murrieta, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles and beyond.

We help businesses run more effectively. How? We increase your employee productivity by implementing solutions that minimize downtime, ensuring your team are doing what they do best and not solving endless technology puzzles.

What is Managed IT services anyway?

It’s just a fancy term for saying that we offer technical assistance for your team. Whether it’s printer setup, providing email service, or setting up new systems for your business we cover it all. We provide assistance for email, helpdesk for pesky problems that derail user productivity, fix server outages and more. We’re your tech team when you need us most and we’re only a phone call away. We’re also there making sure things are running smoothly. In an ideal world, you’ll never have to think about us, because things just work. But when systems go bad, or hardware goes down, we’re there to fix those issues right away.

Who needs IT support services?

It’s for any business that runs critical systems to their day-to-day operation. Put another way, if you have systems that have to be online and running and you can’t tolerate outages then you need professional support at the ready. Geek Squad doesn’t know your business; your niece or nephew might be tech savvy, but they probably have better things to do with their time. We help serious businesses run more effectively. Period.

Whether you run a small business, with one or two employees, or if you run a larger office with 10 to 200 staff, we’re the right fit for your business needs and we provide a full range of business solutions that keep your business systems running.

Let’s chat and talk about how we can help you today.